There are plenty of long-term concepts on how to face climate change. But how can decision-makers and end users face the intermediate challenges climate change brings? What is the right path for inter-annual to decadal time scales?

BINGO (Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management – a better future under climate change) aims both at reducing the uncertainty of near-term climate predictions and developing response strategies that may help society to better manage the remaining uncertainty. BINGO is providing demand-driven solutions for a number of specific climate-related challenges in Europe.  After developing decadal climate predictions with a focus on extreme events, BINGO modelled the impacts of changing climate on the water cycle and water demands, and analysed how this affects key sectors. In parallel, BINGO is establishing adaptation, taking into account the different critical factors, contexts and scenarios. All solutions are co-produced, tested and validated by a range of key end users at six research sites across Europe.

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