Welcome to the website of ARC, the Aqua Research Collaboration

Many European research programmes and projects are carried out by consortia, within which companies, social parties and scientific institutions collaborate for a period of time. Usually, this collaboration ends when a project is terminated, and effective structures disintegrate. This experience stimulated a desire for a more structured collaborative relationship. KWR therefore took the initiative to set up a European collaboration involving leading research institutes working on the water-use cycle.

Establishment of Aqua Research Collaboration

The Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC) was established in January 2010. The founding members of ARC are all applied research institutes of EU member states with a critical mass and proven intellectual and professional leadership in the watercycle research in Europe. These institutes dedicate themselves, within the Aqua Research Collaboration, to the development of European research into the water-use cycle. Their aim is to collectively strengthen the knowledge basis for all water cycle stakeholders by facilitating research, supporting the implementation of knowledge, and supporting capacity building, in particular of the water-related knowledge infrastructure in other member states.